On a Mission

Preaching Jesus. Everyone. Everywhere.  It's the mission God's people have been given, and while this mandate has always been in the heart and mind of God for His body in the earth, the intensity of this focus is the Word of the Lord to this house.  

Jesus is coming soon and God is filling the earth with His glory.  The call to His set apart ones is strong.  It is becoming hotter and hotter within for those whose hearts are turned toward Him.  He desires for His body to unleash the resurrection power of God upon the earth and for the message of Jesus to be declared loud and clear and far and wide!  Say it with me, "We are these people!  We accept the call and the time is now!"

Below is a Word of the Lord given through Pastor Nate in the fall of 2020, and it is still moving and speaking today!

This is a word of the Lord given to Pastor Nate in Sept 2020

Seasons are changing.  Are you aware? 
Change is coming.  Change is here. 
And so there are new patterns for you to walk in and do.
Don’t discern with only your eyes or you won’t have a clue. 
You see, this season is brand new.
I have arranged this season from the beginning of time.
Harvest season is hear (here), 
but you must pick up the sickle and the spear.
Make the declaration:  “I will not be taken out,
but I am moving with and partnered with what He is about.” 
There is, in this season, a strength from within 
and so it is set and begins. 
Partner with My promises as you walk each day,
you will recognize them as a substance that establishes your way. 
The reality of your partner will continue to increase 
and carry with it supernatural peace.  
So pause in this place and make a note, 
it’s time for you to get out of the boat. 
My Word will be there loud and clear. 
It will be undeniable that I am near. 
My directions are not burdensome or more than you can bear.
They are precious gems entrusted to you, 
Priceless, valuable and rare.
Put them up high and on display.
They will keep you and establish you in My way.
The assembly I have designed and called you to be apart 
Operates and functions when you yield to the heart.
Don’t be filled with care because of this and that 
I’ve known this season and where you are at 
Honor My Word as it is a must 
For you to dwell in the place of great trust.
There is joy ahead for My people, I say 
Days of fulfillment because you have consecrated your way.
Don't be distracted or pulled aside 
Don't be ashamed or convinced to hide.
Stand tall and be bold so others can see
It won't be long before you are with Me.